Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taxi thief driver

So I went with 4 of my relatives to City Mall, Dora. We did some shopping, and enjoyed our time there.

It was time to go back home, we went out of the mall and saw a taxi driver, and asked him to drop us home. It is commonly known that a taxi is called "service" by default and it cost 2,000 LBP per person, unless you agree to pay him a taxi fee which you both agree upon if you are going to a far place which very rarely happens.

The taxi driver was very annoying during the drive, making dumb comments like "do you want to take this door with you", or raising the sound of the crappy speakers and forcing us to listen to his dumb music, I am pretty sure he doesn't know what school means...

Non the less, we reached home, and the rest of the guys went out. I gave him 20,000 LBP (never pay them before you reach to your place). He gave me 5,000 LBP back, I told him what is this? Smiling he replied 5,000! I told him we are 5 people! then he said OK, here's 1,000 more! WTF! I told him please don't give me a headache I want to go home and rest, so was scared little bit, and gave me an additional 1,000! then my brothers saw me arguing with him so they came back to the car and asked what's wrong! That's where is started to retreat more and gave me an additional 1,000! WTF! I told him take them, he told me OK! how much do you want! I told him we are 5 people X 2,000 = 10,000. I gave you 20,000 you must give me 10,000 back! Take these and give me 10,000 with a high tone. That's where he realized that he can't steal from us!

I know I haven't been in the country recently, but am no fool!

Vacation to Lebanon

It has been some time since I went for a vacation to Lebanon. My family & friends are there, it is where I grew up and I have mixed feelings about it. A feeling of anxiety and tender with sorrow and feeling sorry for what it has become.

There is no perfect place to settle in, but you need the minimum of life requirements. The electricity still gets cut twice during the day, the "traffic signals" & roads are a mess, humidity is a killer especially on the cost where taking a shower at least twice a day is a must. The culture has been built on a corrupted system, so it is very difficult to change after all these years. On the other hand if you have connections and power you can do whatever you want, you can live a king's life.

As for me, the Arabian Gulf especially living and working in Qatar has opened my eyes and widened my horizon. It is not the perfect place to live in, but it is much better than Lebanon, corruption levels is way lower (at least on our level). You can feel the presence of a state! Everything is well organized which makes life better on the long run.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Google Analytics Not Recording Qatar Traffic

The traffic coming from Qatar was not being fully recorded by Google Analytics from early August 2010.

At first I thought that I must have done something wrong, so I went through the scripts, options, tested various browsers, etc... But I have 6 websites that use the old and new analytics scripts and they were working before, I didn't change anything. Now they don't seem to be fully functional for whatever reason!

Although Qatar is a small country in this world but after some research on the internet I have luckily found out that there are other users who are facing the same problem, and a thread was started.

After several posts on the topic, suddenly and without any response from Google Qatar traffic started to increase and it seemed to be fixed, at least that's what I thought. I did go through the analytics data and I was surprised to see that some "Direct Traffic" from Qatar was considered as "Search Engine" traffic coming from Google!

Now everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks Google :-)